About Us

Bang Bang Bijoux is a Jewelry and accessory line created in a grungy, yet charming little studio in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. Each piece is unique and rare, either one of a kind or one of a very very limited few. The idea has always been to place the focus on the creative process, allowing for a bit of spontaneity and magic to go into each piece. Each hand-crafted treasure is created with the intention of incorporating unusual and unexpected materials. Found objects, vintage and antique oddities, dead stock from old factories, and even the occasional dumpster-dive discovery work their way into this unique line. 

Because we are such busy bee's and absolutely love coming up with new designs, this website is updated with sparkly new treasures every Friday at noon!!!!

Shop Policies

Care instructions:

Bang Bang Bijoux is created from an assortment of vintage materials, semi-precious stones, and brass. We highly reccommend that all items are stored away from sunlight and humidity as both are known to accelerate the oxidization of metals. With every purchase, your items will be shipped in a tiny plastic jewelry envelope, which we have found are quite effective at preventing tarnishing and tangles. 

Refunds and exchanges:

All returns and exchanges are accepted within 10 days of delivery. As we are a very small company, we refund only the product portion of your purchase, and reccomend using tracked postage for all refunds and exchanges as we are not resposible for the loss of returned items. To process a refund or exchange, we require that you send us a brief email through our contact section, and we will respond to your concerns promptly.

Repairs and replacements:

Jewelry repairs can be made within 6 months free of charge, or for a small fee if that amount of time has passed. Since we focus primarily on one of a kind designs and limited runs we are not always able to replace all broken components after a season has passed, but we are always pleased to rummage through our supply arsenal and brainstorm on an alternative component to bring your bling back to life. Storing your jewelry in a safe container, or the original packaging can prolong the life of your purchases significantly. If you lose an earring or prized necklace do not hesitate to get in touch. We can often recreate items, or even a single earring at a discounted rate.